About the PWFC

The Washington Post-Wildfire Flood Committee (PWFC) formed in 2016 in response to changing flood risks posed by the 2014/2015 wildfires. The committee’s vision is to reduce post-wildfire flood threat, vulnerability, and consequences through a continuous and collaborative focus on policy, projects, and awareness.

The PWFC is facilitated by the Washington Silver Jackets team, a collaborative group of flood risk managers working to address the state’s top flood risk priorities. Similarly to the Silver Jackets team, the PWFC is not centrally funded. Participation in the PWFC depends on each agency’s interest, authority, and capacity for responding to the impacts of the state’s fire and flood seasons.

The committee is intergovernmental by nature and at any given time includes 15-20 agencies representing Federal, State, and Local Governments, plus universities, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Participation in the committee by member agencies in no way limits those agencies from taking actions in accordance with their existing authorities, nor does it encumber them with additional financial commitments to support the team or its recommendations.

The development of this website was funded by the Washington Silver Jackets program as part of an outreach project for post-wildfire flood risk.

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