Program Guide

There may be programs and services provided by organizations for communities that have been affected by wildfire.

Please be aware that programs and funding levels can change from year to year, and assistance may not always be available.

A statewide comprehensive Agency Program Guide was developed by a multi-agency team following the 2014/2015 wildfires. But a few commonly used programs are also summarized below with local contact information. Or check our Resources Library page for more program information.

NRCS: Emergency Watershed Protection Program

  • WHAT: Provides technical and financial assistance to safeguard people and property following natural disasters.
  • WHO: Public and private landowners are eligible but they must be represented by a government sponsor (city, county, conservation district, etc).
  • HOW MUCH: 75% Federal funds and 25% local sponsor funds.
  • CONTACT: Local NRCS Service Center or EWP Recovery Webpage

USACE: Advanced Measures Program

  • WHAT: Provides assistance to non-federal governments prior to flooding events to protect life and safety in situations of imminent flood threat.
  • WHO: Request must come from the state or tribe. Work with the WA State Emergency Management Division to make a request.
  • HOW MUCH: 100% Federal funds but Advanced Measures assistance is in support of state and local ongoing efforts to mitigate the threat.
  • CONTACT: Seattle District Emergency Operations Center  at 206-764-3406

FEMA: Fire Management Assistance Grant Program

  • WHAT: Provides assistance to minimize immediate adverse effects of wildland fires that threaten to cause major disasters. In can include fire-related activities such as sheltering, EOCs, support services, and temporary repairs.
  • WHO: Request must come from the state, local, or tribal government to the FEMA Regional Director at a time a threat exists.
  • HOW MUCH: 75% Federal funds and 25% sponsor funds.
  • CONTACT: Contact FEMA Region X at 425-487-4600 or visit the FMAG Frequently Asked Questions page for program details.