Assistance for You

State and Federal Programs can help manage costs associated with wildfire recovery, but many are structured to benefit communities and public interests, rather than individuals.

Therefore, locals groups can often mobilize quicker than State/Federal agencies to get individuals the help they need. Additionally, there are steps you can take as a landowner, business owner, or community leader to aid your recovery.

The resources included in the Recovery Contacts page may be able to help individuals (including your local Red Cross or Salvation Army Offices). But you may also find more direct help from community volunteers and local organizations not included here, such as churches, community centers, and local businesses.

Look for public meetings in your area to get more information on localized efforts, such as the appointments of Disaster Case Managers, to assist individuals. Local help can often mobilize quickly to provide services such as sheltering livestock or pets, providing household supplies to fire victims, and meeting other needs not met by the major agencies and organizations.

Visit the quick links on the right to help with your specific needs as a homeowner or business owner.  Or sift through our Resources Library if you cannot find what you need.