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After the Burn 2011: Assessing and managing your forestland after a wildfire, from Yvonne Barkley and the University of Idaho Extension in 2011.

Phoenix Guide: A handbook for watershed and community recovery after wildfire, a multi-agency publication originating out of Colorado.



The Government of Western Australia offers a comprehensive look into animal management during and after a fire. Most of it is transferable to Washington.

WSU Extension for Agriculture and Natural Resources collected useful materials on livestock health related to wildfires.



After the Burn: An 80-page reference from the University of Idaho Extension in 2011 on post fire management of the forests, fuels, weeds, and wildlife.

Riparian Fuel Treatments in the Western US is a USFS: publication describing key factors driving pos-tfire vegetation and aquatic resources recovery (starting on page 28).

The Treatment Guidance Section (pages 26-50) of BLM’s Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Handbook from 2007 has insights into how BLM handles treatments of everything from culverts and cultural resources to recreation and revegetation.

Interagency BAER Handbook from 2006 describes risks assessed during a BAER Team evaluation and strategies for treatment.

Tree and Forest Restoration after Wildfire: Guide to recover forests after fire from the University of Montana.

Post-Fire Treatments – A Primer for New Mexico Communities: An inventory of hillslope, channel, and road treatments. A handy reference to gauge applicability and effectiveness.

PNW Post Fire Science Update: 12-page PDF from USFS summarizing post fire science and forest management in 2007.

NCRS post-fire drainage and stability 12 pages of tips from the local NRCS Wenatchee Office on hillside home drainage and slope stabilization.

WA DNR Fire Injury to Trees / WA DNR Assessing Tree Health: Two short documents from WA DNR on forest/tree health after fire.



Prepare Your Business for Disaster

Prepare My Business: Webpage with list of PDFs – in simple checklist form – to plan, assess risk, and recover from a range of disasters.

Preparedness Planning for Your Business from Webpage of Toolkits, How-to Guides, and Informational Videos for a range of disasters.

Wildfire Guidance for Home and Business Owners: IBHS wildfire website with tipsĀ  and video demonstrations to protects home and businesses.

Small Businesses Preparedness Checklist: Comprehensive wildfire preparedness checklist for small business owners in a 3-page PDF.

Utah Ready Your Business Flyer: 1-page summary PDF with 12-point program for business adversity planning.

Utah Ready Your Business Guide: 80-page guidebook from 2009 with extended 12-point program planning. First page also includes dozens of business planning web links.

Business Continuity Planning

OpenForBusiness-EZ_Toolkit: IBHS 20-page preparedness toolkit to keep your business open (or visit the website here).

Stay Open For Business Additional Resources: Webpage with guides and templates for business continuity planning.

Disaster Recovery Kit for Small Business: 30-page checklist-style guide for small business recovery. Built for Kentucky but transferable to Washington.

Business Resilience After Disaster

Business Disaster Loan Assistance: Webpage from SBA navigating through Disaster Loan options.



Disaster Planning – Free publications, including supply kits, communication plans, family resources, and planning materials, from One of the most exhaustive collections of disaster planning forms for wildfires available in one location.



Red Cross – What To Do After a Home Fire : Red Cross guidance on cleaning up and recovering from a home fire.

US Fire Administration – What To Do and Expect After a Home Fire: 12-page PDF guide and checklist from FEMA and the US Fire Administration.



Fire in California: Web page with blend of fire science, preparation, and recovery resources.

Oregon Post Fire Playbook: 66-page PDF guide for local governments to address increased risk of flooding and debris flows after fires. Includes recent and detailed case studies.

Oregon Wildfire Recovery: 6-page PDF from 2006 covering emotional toll of wildfire, home damage, livestock management, and landscape treatment.

California Forest Landowner Restoration: 12-page PDF for landowners to access resource damage, mitigate risks to soil and road erosion, and plan forest regeneration.

New Mexico After Wildfire Guide: Comprehensive resource website for New Mexico communities (and much of the information is transferable to other states).

NRCS Idaho: Web page from the NRCS that steps through immediate safety, managing flood risk, restoring lands, and NRCS technical/financial resources.

Montana Landowners Guide: 2010 publication from MT describing what to expect during and after the fire, how to initiate community recovery, and landscape restoration.

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